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A Dreadful Thing

Give me your soul and I'll set you free

From all the troubles that could ever be

I'll make you feel like there's nothing to worry about

If you let me in, you'll never be stout

You'll find yourself wanting me more and more

I can make a working woman turn out to be a whore

I sometimes make people forget what they had

If you had any sense, you'll know that I'm bad

I can take you from a beautiful home to the ugly streets

Leaving you nothing but something on your feet

I can change your color and make you look pale

My speciality is making your life a living hell

If you touch me, you can be hooked

I'll laugh and say, "one time is all it took."

I'll try to get everyone attached to me

A woman, a man, even a baby

You see, I have no shame in my game

Only thing can save you is if you don't think the same

Lot's of people don't like me, lots of people do

What they don't know is my plan is to kill you

I advise you to take whatever precautions that you need

Because if you don't, I'll just have to take the lead

~ Juanyta Bradley

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