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An Ode to Her Scent

Written From a Space of: Loving Her Perfume

You are intoxicating. Orgasmic to my nose, you make my insides melt.

My body jolts at the slightest touch and for 2.5 seconds I’m held captive, paralyzed to your presence.

You make me feel alive.

Instant longing, you go deep. Inside my heart, inside my belly. Contracting the muscles of my v-walls.  And the only reprieve is for me to explode.

How can you feel so good yet be so cruel. For there is no release to this built up tension you’ve created.

Weird tho, cause I enjoy the cruelty.  It makes the yearn burn and the desire never expire.

Can you stay a little bit longer?

I make no promises not to get clingy.  You have the effect on me.

I long to be near you.  Feel safe in your familiar embrace, taking up all your space, never wanting you to be replaced.

Damn, what was life before you?

Boring. Empty. Scentless.


So, thank you for brightening my existence.  Forever more I will eagerly await your next appearance.

: Juanyta ~ with a ‘y’


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