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Death Hits Different for Me

Written from a space of: Accepting the Inevitable

I’m not afraid to’s God and my mother who I can’t wait to meet

➠But I will make healthy life choices

I don’t NEED to live it up...I won’t remember the experiences

➠But I will live on purpose, with a purpose and for God’s glory

I can’t say “they had so much life left”... it’s God who determines this

➠But I will celebrate the number of years I had with them

I don’t question the why it happened...there is no answer that will suffice

➠But I will self reflect on the cause of death

I won’t convince someone to’s selfish to want them to live through pain

➠But I will tell them how much they are loved and cherished

Death hits me different...I don’t have the typical response to them

➠But I will never diminish the sorrow of a lost

I love and miss all of my family and friends that are no longer here. You live in my heart.

And Mama, you already know... I’ll meet you soon! ❤️


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