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Embracing My Inner Confidence

Written in a space of: Fearlessness

If I wasn't afraid of rejection

how much of a room would I own

If I knew I would never be excluded

how would I make myself known

If I knew just how special I was

how much would I love and care and to what degree

If everyday I accepted everything about myself

how much of the real me would people see

If I no longer compared myself to others

what would be my new standard

If I wasn't afraid to take a chance

how much of my dream would I have mastered

If I never gave another person or situation power

how much stronger would I actually feel

If I never had another negative thought

what life vision would my mind reveal

You see, confidence starts from the inside and work it’s way outward

I learned to love and accept me for me

so that I could live life empowered


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