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God Had a Plan

Written from a space of: Reconnection

Photo by Emily Park on Unsplash

I thought I knew you, that is, until I didn't at all

I thought I would never turn away, that is, until I took that fall

I thought I knew my identity, until it was stolen right from under me

But you, magnificent Lord, had a plan just for me

I only knew of love for you, until mad entered my mind

I only knew of your presence, until I couldn't feel you by my side

I only knew of your loving grace, until it no longer applied to me

But my wonderful wonderful Father, you had a plan just for me

I didn't realize how lost I was, until I could no longer make out my face

I didn't realize how I defeated I'd been, until I learned about my enemy's place

I didn't realize how much I needed you, until my heart cried out your name

And that's when we entered into your glorious master plan

Your love opened my eyes, so i can see the lies of my accuser

Your love opened my heart, so I could receive your grace and favor

Your love opened my soul, so we can rebuild our relationship stronger

For this Lord, was your perfect plan, for us to live this life together

Heavenly Father, I thank you for all that you have done

I’ve been on the other side and I’ll never go back, for I have fell in love with Your Son

So please, oh Lord please, don’t ever leave my side

My life is not complete without you, for Your presence is where I reside


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