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Good Music

Written from a space of: Undeniable Connection

She said we make good music, that we flow nice together

But I wonder if she truly understood the depth of her words

You see, if I was to try and break this thing down

There would be no words that compare

No one would ever be able to grasp its intensity

This unbelievable, unmistakable bond we’ve somehow created

There are no perfect words – believe me we tried them all

Describing it, doesn’t seem to do it justice

So, we find ourselves stuck, stuck with it just being

Simply that what we have is rare, diamond worthy, and it just is, it’s us

Two people that happen to meet, on a specific night, at a specific time, and in a specific place

Who came to know each other in a such a sweet, delicate way, that captivated their spirits, hearts and minds

So much, that they will never ever look at love the same

Because you see, when someone speaks to you fluently in all areas, you will forever be changed

She was right, we do make good music

Music that plays to its own beat

Music that you never get tired of hearing

Music that crosses all lyrical and sound barriers

Music that just...flows

Yep, I know for a fact she understands its depth

Because without her, it wouldn’t be music at all


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