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Happy 14th Birthday, SONshine!!

J - Your JOYFUL spirit has always brighten the days of others.

O - From trying different sports to bracelet making, to playing the sax you are always OPEN to trying new and exciting things.

R - No matter what the conversation is, you find a way to be RELATABLE, letting others know you care.

D - Intellects are deep thinkers, and your thoughts can go DEEP!

A - Even though you won’t admit it, you are very ARTISTIC. Your writings, drawings, coloring screams young artist-in-the-making.

N - Whether it’s on the court, at school, or at home, you have a vibe that makes you NOTICEABLE.

You are JORDAN!!!

(September 15, 2022)

How We Celebrated:

Jordan received 12 enclosed cards. Each letter of his name had two cards each. On the outside was the Acrostic poem written above and on the inside were the options he could choose. But the catch was that he had to choose without knowing the content. I presented him with the cards throughout the day.

(The highlighted is what he chose)

J Card:

Option A = One night of extended bedtime.

Option B = One day no chores (outside of birthday)

O Card:

Option A = Claim all of your missed money from chores

Option B = Choose dinner for tomorrow

R Card:

Option A = Play a board game

Option B = Play 21 (basketball game)

D Card:

Option A = Get Snapchat back

Option B = Go back to 11:00 bedtime

A Card:

Option A = Donuts tomorrow

Option B = Home-cooked breakfast

N Card:

Option A = Pair of Shoes

Option B = $140

Because I was in a generous mood, I allowed him to mix up the unchosen cards and choose one more time. Bonus pick: $140

We also went bowling and ate at Red Robin. He had a good day/weekend!!


Note: This idea is similar to the birthday kit I created and sell on Etsy. Check it out here.

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