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I Have Arrived

Written from a space of: Speaking Victory into Existence

There are two distinct temperaments which clearly points out my trauma: my eyes 👀 and my handwriting ✍🏽.

My eyes 👀 tell it all. It communicates fear, nervousness, sad, and joy. If you are in-tuned to me (like my wife is), you will know what I’m thinking without me ever saying a word.

My handwriting ✍🏽 is messy and swift. It’s messy because it’s swift. It’s swift because I’ve made it a habit to be quick. And that habit was formed from the thought that I need to hurry up because other people’s time is more important than my legible notes.

When I can have a look that says “yes” to my wants and desires or gently call out someone else’s bullshit… I have arrived.

When I can boldly take up space in my writing, speaking, and being… I have arrived.


Why wait for this glorious moment?

Affirmations are for the now!

So, to this I say…I HAVE ARRIVED! 💪🏽


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