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I Trust Her Now

Written from a space of: Complete Trust

Photo by Miriam G on Unsplash

Did I lose trust in her or was it never gained?

To lose would mean that I, at one point, felt it, lived it, loved it

It would mean that someone aided in destroying it

Never gained would mean that someone never taught me

By example, by love or by design

Is it possible to have been both?

Both would mean that I would miss the many red flags

It would mean that self-love would almost be non-existent

Both would mean a guilty conscious and people-pleasing

It would mean second guessing at every turn

Could the many years of self-doubt ever be reversed?

Reversed with the right tools and right people

With the knowledge of God's love and acceptance

Reversed with the understanding and acceptance of oneself

With living intentional and positive self-talk

How will I know when trust is (re)gained?

(Re)gained when I trust her to make the best decisions for me and those I love

When I trust her to take delight in the journey of self-love

(Re)gained when I trust that she believes in my intuition, intention, and role as a mother

When I trust that she will give me grace in EVERY situation

Who is She? Who is Her?

Her is the past me

Is the present me

Her is the future me

Is the Holy Spirit living inside of me

She is her, her is me, and I TRUST HER NOW, wholeheartedly!


Tausha Vincent
Tausha Vincent

I absolutely LOVE this!!!!!

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