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I’ve got Questions

Written from a space of:  Real Confusion

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

The thought of pleasing God sometimes seems insurmountable. I never know if I am doing it right. On the one hand, I believe the Holy Spirit convicts me. But on the other hand, are these false beliefs? Is it years and years of wrong teachings, and am I brainwashed?

Who has a clear understanding of God’s true nature? We have different churches preaching diverse interpretations. Who is right?

I wonder if God doesn’t truly have a “standard,” and instead, if we do our best amidst the confusion, it is sufficient. How are we expected to follow when there are so many divergent paths? Yes, on a large scale, it's all the same, but with small or debatable topics, the perspectives vary.

Scripture tells us to follow our spiritual leaders. Is this guidance applicable to individuals at a given time? Since they all have distinct perspectives and convey different messages, it can lead to confusion. And then if we have everyone following what they feel the Holy Spirit is saying, this leads to even more chaos.

Heavenly Father, what IS pleasing to You? Beyond Your love command, how should we navigate our daily lives, raise our children, excel in our work? What thoughts are considered wrong in Your eyes? Where should our focus lie? How should we approach the study of the Bible? What perspective should we adopt toward sin? And how can we accept success while remaining humble? How to be happy for our blessings, with the teachings that we don't deserve them?

So yea, I've got questions.


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