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In Awe of the Exhale

Written from a space of: Completeness

As I lie awake in my bed and reflect upon the day.

I began to notice a huge shift in the way I think, feel, and be.

The change has been so dramatic that it can only be God answering my 8-year old prayer.

Day after day and moment by moment, I am becoming more and more refined.

I TALK Different

I’m calmer and less worried in my speaking ways.

I WALK Different

I rush to my own sense of urgency.

I PERCEIVE Different

I focus on the here and now, not allowing past failures or future assumptions to interfere. Only thoughts that serve me are encouraged.

I RELATE Different

I attempt to stay open to other’s thoughts and feelings without judgment. Both mine and theirs can equally coexist.

I FEAR Different

I comfort my anxiety and let her know I have her back no matter which direction we go or however we land.


I no longer take on the emotions of others. I still have empathy just without the actual feeling of another’s pain.

I TRUST Different

I trust that from both my innate nature and learned experiences I can be all that my tribe needs. And as long as I give 💯, God will handle the rest.

I AM Different

I am experiencing the real Nyta. And she’s eccentric, chilled, creative, inquisitive, loving, nurturing…basically everything she was before MINUS (-) the fear.


And it feels so fuckin’ good!!!

No other place I rather be than right here...right now.

So Lord Jesus, I thank you for I now know what it feels like to EXHALE. In your loving mercy and grace, please keep my mind here forever! Amen


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