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Love Found in 23 Days

Written from a space of: This.Is.It.

LOVE walked into the room and introduced herself

My attention was held captive by every word she uttered

Her beauty resonated not only through her beautiful smile

But also through her intellect, her demeanor and her unique style

LOVE told me she wanted to get to know me

So I took the leap and went full steam ahead

She was everything I ever dreamed of love to be

Wrapped up in a pretty bow, just for me

LOVE found its way to my heart and soul

The thought of her makes me full of joy

How blessed am I, to discover what I’ve longed for

A woman of her caliber, to whom I could adore

Roz, you are LOVE, in every sense of the word

I cannot get any closer to it, even if I tried

I know what I feel, and its not going away

So I want to tell you I love you, on your Birthday

Happy Birthday, my Love. And thank you for blessing me with your presence…23 days ago.

(Written 2.11.2018)


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