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Mini Versions of Me

Written from a space of: Self-Love

Look into my eyes, tell me who you see

Come, let’s explore the mini versions of me

I am Little Nyta; The scared little girl who desperately wants to be free

To be loved and validated and stand up to bullies

I am Mama Bear; The warrior mother who fights to protect my cubs

From the dangers of false teachings and toxic subs

I am Ursula; The hypoglycemic who wants nothing more than to be left alone

When having an episode and the duration is unknown

I am Mya (pronounced Mia); The sexy, flirty femme who loves to seduce

By way of attire, dance, gaze, and the art of pursuit

I am JB; The thug who loves to listen to explicit tracks

Bumpin’ music in the car is my all-time favorite throwback

I am Juanyta; The professional whose motto is "GET SHIT DONE"

Where analytical thinking and organizing projects is a my idea of fun

I am Nyta; The nurturer who loves, cares, and sends positive vibes

And holds space for every version of myself and my tribe

So, let me tell you who I see

I see a beautiful, perfect-for-me soul named Juanyta Bradley


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