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My Oil

Written from a space of: Equanimity

My true nature is loving, kind, selfless, and encouraging

I give others the gift of my time and my heart

I listen to help, I offer words to encourage, I open my heart to love

This is the oil God has given me to distribute freely

Freely was a term I used literally

Gave it away to anyone who walked into my life

Later to learn that not all are deserving of my oil

It is precious, only to distribute wisely

Due to the abuse of my oil, I stopped production

Not intentional of course, rather a coping mechanism

To safeguard what I held near and dear - my time and heart

My oil lost it's original intent, as I decided to distribute ungenerously

Because I'd lost my way and no longer understood my gift

Those deserving received the leftover oil... the guarded me

I had to renew my mind to who God wanted to have it

To regain trust that I could one day again distribute wholeheartedly

God showed me that everyone needs my oil just not an equal amount

I am to love but not at the expense of not loving or dismissing myself

I am to be kind but cautious of who gets my time and energy

I am to be selfless to those that value and respect my position in their lives

I am to encourage but only going the extra mile for those that are receptive

I thank God for my oil and now understand how to distribute intentionally


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