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My Silent Uncomfortable Peace

Written from a space of: Uncomfortable Silence

The majority of my life was spent in worry.

Oh how my heart wished I would stop.

From my job, to my family, to my friends, to my everything.

Nothing brought me solace, so this became my existence.

What a way to live - in constant fear.

What a way to feel - forever judged.

But there was nowhere else to go.

So I learned to find comfort being in control.

But somehow the control became too much.

I no longer wanted that power.

So slowly but surely I relinquished it.

Gave it to God for Him to have forever.

It’s effectiveness was not immediate.

That too I learned I couldn’t control.

But one situation after another, the effects started sinking in.

And boy was I glad to have been patient.

The same trials that caused a ruckus.

I now sit in silence.

The new trials that causes me to be uncomfortable.

I now sit in silence.

Silence that calms my heart’s concerns.

Silence that whispers, I’m holding you close.

Silence that keeps the tears from flowing.

Silence that keeps me from running away.

Silence that tells me I AM good enough.

Silence that makes me smile on a depleted day.

Silence that keeps me at peace when my world is at war.

It’s my Silent Uncomfortable Peace and I thank God for it every day!


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