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Taking ME Back

Written from a space of: Victory

At 19 years old, I gave you all of me, not a piece, but all

From my heart, to my mind, to body, to my soul

I gave it to you and I trusted

Trusted that you would do it justice

Trusted that you could care for it relentlessly

Why had I trusted so blindly

16 years I gave you all that I could give

All of my space, all of my friends, all of my energy

And like a vampire you sucked every ounce

I was drained, weak, downcasted

I could barely stand on my own two feet

Why had I given so freely

So much time invested, so much loss in self

Self-worth, self-respect, and self-identity

My thoughts were no longer my thoughts

My actions were only to be of your accord

Where had I gone and could I ever be found

Why oh why didn't I invest wisely

From the depths of my soul, I yearned to be free

To be released from this bondage that held me down

I could no longer sustain this image you upheld of me 

It was exhausting and not the least bit rewarding

With my head held low, I took a step towards freedom

I was starting to breathe again

What a weave you masterfully entangled 

You no longer had my body, but kept hold of my mind

Confused as ever, I could not understand why

For I had to learn how to walk, to talk, and to think again

Starting over and creating a new me

I was starting to live again

I was eagerly ready to take back what the devil stole from me

I was ready, God was ready, the world was ready

My mind and spirit would be renewed

My trust, my energy, my worth, would come from My Savior.

I knew then, I was ready to be born again


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