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The Perfect Love

Loving your soul and every thought that's in your mind

When you appear, oh how the sun so brightly shines

Knowing your inner most feelings and desires

When you hold me it's like someone lighting a fire

Loving you, how it can be done so easily

Our love, I believe was meant to be

Every time I awake I think of you

No one can ever kiss and love me the way you do

You are so passionate and very considerate to my feelings

You are still kind just like you were at the beginning

Oh how you make me feel so good inside

Nothing I say or do can hurt your pride

There's nothing in the world I cannot tell you

I love it when you touch me the way you do

I can listen to your deep, sexy voice all night

I love your brains, how it's so intelligent and bright

Being with you makes me lose all self control

Finding someone like this is my most ultimate goal

~ Juanyta Bradley

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