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The Six Rs of a NonJudgemental Mindset

Written from a space of:  Repentance

I truly believe that God wants me to wholeheartedly live out not judging others.  I’ve experienced plenty scenarios where I have judged others only for an eerily similar situation to later show up for me.  And immediately after said circumstance, God gently reminds me of the time I judged for that exact same act. Whew! 😬

So, to help me stay on the straight and narrow, I’ve come up with what I call the “The Six Rs of a NonJudgemental Mindset”

1 - Rely

When I feel a judgement coming on, I RELY on the Holy Spirit to guide my thoughts.

2 - Remember

When I think I am better than others, I REMEMBER my shortcomings.

3 - Recall

When I think others should have known better, I RECALL the times I did not.

4 - Regard

When I have a hard time accepting someone, I REGARD how unloved I would feel.

5 - Realize

When I struggle with giving the benefit of the doubt, I REALIZE that’s when I need to the most.

6 - Recognize

When I tell myself, “I would never do or think that,” I RECOGNIZE I cannot predict the future.

Even though I may feel validated in the moment, God is calling me higher.  To accept, be patient with, and love others, despite the difference in opinions, behaviors, and looks.


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