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The Sweet 16 Happened

Ever since Jayden was old enough to communicate how he wanted his birthday celebrated, he always chose “with family.” November 24, 2022 was no different. We had a good time playing a live version of Clue (his fav board game)!

Happy 16th Birthday, Love!! Mama Bear loves you!!

Additional Birthday Celebration:

Jayden received 3 enclosed cards. On the envelope, it had 5 words for clues on what was inside. The fun was to guess what the cards represented.

Card #1:

  • Clue Words: Remembrance; Keepsakes; Snap; Negatives; Frozen in Time

  • Gift: Thumbdrive of all his pics

  • Inside Message: Happy 16th Birthday!!! I can't believe you are 16. What a fun age! As nostalgic as you are, I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a trip down memory lane. To gift you with all the photos I have of you up until today. They represent the person you have become! If you like, we can sit down and reminisce together and I can tell you all about how you were a bad butt! Love you more than words can ever convey!

Card #2:

  • Clue Words: White; Experience; Palate; Brimless Hat; Mom

  • Gift: Cooking Class Invitation

  • Inside Message: Happy 16th Birthday to my future Chef! OMG!!! I was super excited when I found this chef. Not only is she a sista, to help you cook food with some soul, but she will come to the house for the cooking lesson. How dope is that?! I love you and can't wait for us to have this fun experience!

Card #3:

  • Clue Words: Power; Love; Shopping spree; Evil; Blue + Yellow

  • Gift: $160

  • Inside Message: Happy 16th Birthday, Love! Of course, a birthday wouldn't be a birthday without some moola!! $16 for the number of years you've... been on this Earth; grown into a young man; felt all the feels; loved the Jayden way; blessed me with your hugs (you were the best cuddlier when you were little), love random questions and talks/walks; and being your mother. All of this X 10. This day is special for you and for me. I love you with all my heart.

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