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Trusting in Him

Written from a space of: Trust

My thoughts are consumed with worry

No comfort can enter its space

My heart is filled with anxiety

It's beating is quickening at a rapid pace

My world is one second from crashing

I'm not sure how much more I can take

My palms are sweaty as nerves creep in

This feeling of utter failure I just cannot shake

Is it possible that my world will end

Right here, right now, I wonder

This overwhelming circumstance is too much right now

I don't know how to get out from under

But then I remember that special someone

Whose love goes far and deep

He keeps me safe in times like this

In His caring nature, will hold me while I weep

I immediately feel His warm embrace

As He tells me there is no pain He does not feel

This brings me great comfort to hear the words

For I know by His stripes I am healed

As I gain my composure, He so eloquently explains

Trusting me is the only way to bring you from despair

Lean on me, trust in me

I know how much you can bear

I got it now, at least I think I do

I have a Father that truly knows what's best

I'll put my entire trust in Him

Do what I can and let Him handle the rest


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