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Weekend Vibes, Everyday

Written from a space of: Lightness

Put down the glass of wine!

No, I was not an alcoholic, but I did enjoy the feeling

Enjoyed the feeling of freedom

Freedom in thought

Freedom in speech

Freedom in the way my body moved effortlessly

Every Friday was an anticipation of fun

Oh to feel lighter, happier, more joyful

Every Monday was the sorrow of going back to normal

I desperately wanted the weekend to be my normal

I read, I prayed, I worked tirelessly

I didn’t want to give up but what else could I try

I wondered if I should accept defeat and give up the pursuit

Until one day, ONE word set me free


What a wonderful concept

Couldn’t imagine what this would look like

Feel like, from years and years of abuse and lies

Where my thoughts and feelings weren’t kissed and loved

Where gaslighting was the sign for affection


All the roles I held…

All the decisions I made…

All the selves I lost - self-identity…self-love…self-worth…

Were starting to take shape

Starting to blossom

Starting to sing and ring true to its inner being and soul


Wiggled it’s way into my life

And I will forever be changed

Forever know I have my best interest

Forever know I’m more than capable

Forever know


At present, there is joy

There is fun

There is freedom

There is all the feels

There is the weekend

Every. Single. Day

Without the glass of wine


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